Who Am I?

I wanted to be an author for quite a while when I was younger. More recently, I've been doing work as a freelance writer and editor.  And very recently, I've realized that I need to put my writing to work for more important things. Like God (not that He's a thing, but you know what I mean).

My name is Maximilian Hart, and I'm a Catholic blogger.  I can't say that I'm an expert at it, though, so bear with me!  I'm simply a Son of God, being worked on a lot every day by Him, and I'm sharing my thoughts and experiences along the way.  I just finished college (English major!), I'm working at writing and editing, and I'm actively involved in youth ministry. So if I don’t post very often, it simply because I'm busy!

That's about it… if you enjoy Restless Hart, please tell other folks about it!

Peace, and I'll see you all in the Eucharist!

     –Maximilian Hart