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Prayer is the key!

Q. How do I come back from a conference and continue to be as close to God as I was there?

A. The answer to this one is unfortunately easy. I say unfortunately because it’s often frustrating for me too. Here it is: daily prayer.

Seriously. That’s it.

Let me explain. Your relationship to God is, in many ways, just like your relationship with anyone else. If you get married and go off on a honeymoon, that honeymoon will be a great experience where you’ll feel close to your spouse. Warm fuzzies all around!

But when you get back, the real relationship begins (or continues, actually). You have to make time to talk to that person, spend time with them, make them a priority, love them. If you don’t, the relationship will fizzle and voila … a divorce and you’re left wondering what happened.

It’s a trap that’s easy to fall into, and it’s even easier to fall into it with God. Why? He’s not as visible unless we’re already paying attention to him. He won’t go “Hey! Spend time with me! Love me!” Well … he will, but we just don’t listen. That’s exactly what the cross is supposed to remind us of.

When you get back from a retreat, you’re on this honeymoon high with God. Warm fuzzies all around! But as that relationship continues, you’re faced with a daily choice to spend time with your Lover. And many of us, myself included, struggle with that daily choice.

I’ll be honest with you: even if you’re faithful in prayer, you won’t be on a permanent retreat high. You might not feel close to God at all. Mother Teresa spent the last half of her life feeling totally abandoned by God … but she was faithful!

If you want to feel close to God … keep going on retreats and getting that high. But if you want to truly be close to God, the only way is through a commitment to daily prayer, even in the dark times when you don’t feel anything at all. Spend time with the One who’s etched your name in the palm of his hand. Your Lover, friend, savior. Your God. He’s waiting.


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