Lions Breathing Out FireI’m nobody special. 

My life really isn’t that fantastic, all things considered. Despite what I may have imagined in my moments of towel-wrapped adventures as a kid, I’m no superhero. No matter what my grandparents said after piano recitals, I was no child genius. Nothing like that. I’m just plain me—nobody special.


It’s not that “I’m nobody special.” It’s more like “I’m special… just like every other Catholic in the world.”

The fact is, as human beings, as Christians and especially as Catholics, we are unbelievably special. And not just a special like that special seat in the cafeteria or that special pair of lucky underwear you wear for that big test. Nah… think more like a powerful-type special. Like dynamite special. Or like Captain America special. That’s the kind of special you are.

“But, good sir,” I pretend you ask, “how can this be?”

Good pretend question. There’s actually a really simple answer: grace.

If you have received your First Communion (and if you’re reading this you probably have), the single biggest source of power in your life as a Catholic is the Eucharist. When you go to Mass and you receive Communion, you become completely infused with all the awesome power of God. Don’t believe me? Check out this awesome quote:

“Let us then return from that [Eucharistic] table like lions breathing fire, having become terrible to the devil.” – St. John Chrysostom

Lions breathing fire! How epic is that?! Every time you receive Communion, the Devil shakes in his boots in terror. Sirens go off in Hell. All the little demons are running around freaking out, hoping you don’t open your mouth and blow them away with the power of the Word of God.

St. Athanasius once said that “God became man so that man might become God.” When you walk out the doors of your church this Sunday, you are filled with the entirety of the grace and power of the Creator of the universe.

And here you thought you weren’t special.

So… you’re special, you’re dynamite, you’re breathing fire. You’re invincible! Now what?

Imagine for a minute that you really are invincible. What would you do? Skydive? Run through walls? (Come on, you gotta admit that’d be awesome.)

Imagine for a minute you could do something and know you couldn’t fail. What would it be? Climb Mount Everest? Ace the SAT? Run for president?

Here’s the thing: you are invincible. You can’t fail. The minute you receive Christ in the Eucharist, you are filled with an incredible power to proclaim your Faith. What do you have to fear? You’re invincible! You can’t fail! When your God is with you then what could ever stop you? What can stand against you? Nothing!

It’s easy for us to forget the power that we carry around with us. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably forgotten it by the time you’re out of the pew. It’s easy to slip back into boring mediocrity.

But the fact is, you weren’t made for mediocrity. You were made for greatness. In those moments of your life when you’re afraid, in those moments of your life when you have the opportunity to be bold and share Christ, be fearless! You are special, and not just any kind of special… you’re a lion breathing fire, terrifying to the devil!

Act like it.



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