visiting-cards-backgrounds-gift-card-premium-psd-e1355542936960I love gift cards.

They're great. You go somewhere and instead of having to spend your hard-earned money, you just pull out your gift card and voila! All taken care of.

I know it's also money but the point is: gift cards are awesome and we're always grateful to get them. And we're usually a little more careful how we spend them.

Slight change of subject: I don't know about you, but I prefer using my bank card or credit card over using cash. It's more convenient and I find it easier to see where my money is going. Stuff like that.

Now, it's easy to think of our money as ours.

You earned it, you pay taxes on it, you feed yourself and your family with it.

If someone stole it you'd be upset.

'Course you would: it's your money.

That's a very natural way to think and be, but we as baptized Christians are called to be more, to be supernatural.

When you take a minute to think about it, all credit/debit cards are gift cards–the money isn't ours to begin with.

All good things and blessings come from God.

You work hard to earn that money, yes, but who gave you the technical ability to perform your job? God.

Who blessed you with the opportunity you had when you got hired? God.

Who has given you the family and upbringing and schooling that you've had? Your family? Not really–they had something to do with it, sure, but top honors go to God in that one too.

Everything we have, everything we own, everything we call "ours" is a gift from our Father.

Take a look around you, right now, starting with your computer… that's a gift from God.

Have a roof over your head? Thank God.

Have clothes on your body? Thank God.

Have food in the fridge? Thank God.

It's easy to forget that God is the Giver of all good things. But today I'm challenging you to remember: your credit and debit cards are actually gift cards. You could even write "gift card" on the front so you don't forget.

The things you have are gifts from God, all of them. What can you do to show your thanks and give something back?


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