What Actually Makes You Beautiful

What Actually Makes You Beautiful

Photo: Vinoth Chandar via Flickr

A couple weekends ago, I got the chance to go to SeaWorld in Orlando with my girlfriend and her family.

While we were there, poking around in a gift shop looking for penguin stuff, I overheard a conversation that made me sad and a little upset.

Two older folks were there with what appeared to be their granddaughters… couldn’t have been older than 7 years old.   One girl brought over a blue dolphin t-shirt, asking to buy it.

They told her no, but not because it was expensive or anything sensible like that.

No… it was because it was a regular t-shirt… and not a scoop neck or v-neck to flatter her figure.

Seriously. They wouldn’t let her get a normal t-shirt. She’s seven years old… she doesn’t even have a figure!

Needless to say, I was disheartened to hear that, for quite a few reasons.

First off cause it was so dumb.

But also because our society is so focused on the outward appearances of things that we forget what really matters. Read the rest of this entry

Why You Don’t Believe in the Holy Spirit

Do you believe in the Holy Spirit? You probably don’t believe in the Holy Spirit.

Sure, you say the Creed every Sunday and if someone asked you’d say “well of course I believe in the Holy Spirit.”

But do you really?

I know I don’t. At least not as much as I should.

Do you believe in the Holy Spirit? Do you really? Let’s see…

Do you ever read about the miracles that the saints performed and look at them in awe and think, “I could never do that”?

Then you don’t believe in the Holy Spirit. Read the rest of this entry

The Answer to Your Pain

Our world is broken.

Since sin first entered, we’ve suffered from it, had our hearts broken and died from it.

This video went around the Internet recently:

When I first heard that, what I heard was pain. The pain of a child with no father, a victim of sin trying to find meaning in brokenness. Hope in darkness. Love from, well, anybody.

This video is the result of sin.

It hurts us, yes. But even those sins we think “don’t hurt anybody else” truly do.

All of us have sinned. Since the Fall, we have struggled.

We find it hard to believe in a God who is Love because we don’t know what love is.

We get lost in darkness, not knowing what’s ahead, burdened with the weight of responsibility but having no guidance, not seeing where to go or what to do.

We find it hard to trust in a Heavenly Father because our own fathers have failed us somehow.

But then He came. Read the rest of this entry

Why I Love Confession

"God the father of mercies, through the death and resurrection of his Son…"

Kneeling in the creaky confessional, I realized that this moment is my favorite moment in all the world. And that those words are the most beautiful I have ever heard.

Confession, for me, is always super uncomfortable. Do you ever kinda get annoyed with yourself 'cause it seems like confess the same stupid stuff each time you go?

Yeah. Me too.

It's tough going to the same priest for the same things each time. It's almost as tough going to a total stranger and wondering a little in the back of your mind what kind of first impression you're giving.

Once, I went to a completely different parish for confession, just because. And the priest there did something that made me suddenly understand the sacrament.

Read the rest of this entry

Out of Control

Steering wheel - Photo: via r.nial.bradshaw via FlickrI hate being sick.

But it's not the runny nose or stuffed up head that gets to me. I was actually quite sick a couple weekends ago and what bothered me most was losing my voice.

That and being dizzy.

Cause those are two things where my body is totally out of my control. Try as I might, I simply couldn't say anything that didn't sound like I was going through puberty all over again. Nothing I could do would stop the dizziness.

I was pretty miserable, to be honest.

And, as happens when you're laid up in bed for a couple days, I got to thinking. And I realized that what I dislike most about being sick carries over to the rest of my life as well.

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